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Saregama Carvaan Premium Portable Digital Music Player (Royal Blue)

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Update for version 4. This app has gotten a lot better since the developer implemented workarounds for the Apple bugs. However, the Apple bugs still make it very difficult to modify the queue. Is there anything we can do to push Apple along? Post something on the feedback site perhaps? Shame on Apple for not fixing these bugs, they've known about them for a long long time. Sorry for the issues you are experiencing. The queue reduction issue has been fixed — update is in beta. Please email me at mike cesium-app. Cesium lets you listen to your music library conveniently and simply, just like the iPod used to.

Artists are sorted sensibly by album, and you can also sort by track or album. It handles compilation albums well too.

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Cesium has some flaws. Once you pause it, though, it reacts quickly after that. But only that same track. But overall, Cesium sets the standard for how a smartphone music app should work. Oddly, Apple itself actually set this standard in the first place but seems to have sabotaged it for no real purpose. App Store Preview.

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This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Please contact me if you continue to experience issues with search stability, as there is a more "nuclear option.

Music HD Unlimited Player for iPhone - Download

Cesium is now Cs Music Player! While the name change shouldn't affect current users much at all, it could affect future downloads hopefully not too significantly. Please consider leaving a review as this helps keep Cs up in the App Store algorithm. Your support is truly appreciated!

You complained, I caved. All new Today Widget is entirely focused on star ratings — and is only available when star ratings are enabled in Now Playing settings. Of course, that's a joke because there totally was, in this case. In fact, this is how about half of the available languages got started. You're the collusion! Did you know You can re-enable the rating control in the Now Playing view settings. In case you missed it: Cesium 5 has been built API-Safe to be more stable, performant and future-proof than ever.

Unfortunately, this means that certain advanced features have been removed because they depend on unreliable, undocumented aspects of the system API. To learn more about these changes, and whether updating to Cesium 5 is right for you, please visit www. Welcome to Cesium 5! Randomize playlists on the fly, including using the same logic as Shuffle by Album and Shuffle by Grouping.

I realize there are substantial changes in this update.

I hope that most users will find them refreshing after over a year of struggling with performance and stability. Saregama Carvaan Mini 2. Saregama Carvaan SC02 Portable Suroskie Compact Digital Mp3 Audio Saregama Carvaan R Portable Saregama Carvaan Bengali SC Next page. Most wished for Previous page. Saregama Caravan Marathi SC Hot new releases Previous page.

Rhobos Sports Wireless Mp3 Music Shanling M0 Portable Lossless Digital Docooler Ezcap Converter Cassette Raptas Portable Ultra-Small Shuffle Most gifted Previous page. Saco Saregama Carvaan Portable Saregama Carvaan Marathi SC Saregama Carvaan Portable Digital Click on your device in the left hand sidebar and Banshee will display a page which allows you to determine whether you want manual or automatic music sync — manual is always best.

Simply choose Media then Import Media then decide on whether to import your entire library or simply the selection you want on your device. AIFF or. With your music imported, choose your default Music playlist. The next step is simple — drag your chosen artists, albums and so on to your device listed under Devices in the side menu e. Banshee will immediately begin transferring files, and your device should notify you that a sync is in progress.

With a powerful program like Banshee at the helm, controlling your media is a pretty straightforward task. At least for some. Have you got an iPhone but also run Linux? Are there better tools out there than Banshee? Have your say in the comments below!

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Explore more about: Your email address will not be published. I know had the following problem: When I tried the same using gtkpod, an error message appeared when I tried to save it: HashInfo file is missing. This was solved by the following: Find the UUID, which is in my case a 40 digit number.

You get it here: Then get this HashInfo file here and follow the instructions: I have iTouch 2G and I tried everything as suggested in this post.