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No sounds when receiving text messages on… - Apple Community

Brilliant advice — thank you. Thanks again,. Hi, My iPhone 6s ios 9. It rings onetime, but some times not. The funny thing is, some times alert sound high volume other time reduced volume for same alert,but some time no sound??..!! Got my new iPhone 7. Annoys the hell out of me. Checked and rechecked all the settings- still not luck. Shall I replace the phone?

iPhone Text Tones are All Silent

I am also having the same problem with my I phone 7. Driving me crazy. Check all the settings and everything was ok. Finally call Apple they told me to back up phone to I cloud on computer then do a reset. This is a brand new phone. Any suggestions. See my reply to Rajiv above. If you have a longer alert, and the sender exits messages quickly, you will not get a tone.

I tested it and it solves the problem. I have the same issue — it happened right after I updated phone with iOS Have checked all settings and tried recommended fix with no success?. My guess is there is some sort of bug in the new IOS, I get sound alerts for my iMessages that come through on my phone but not normal text messages. I have a 2 year old iPhone 6 plus running IOS The little mute switch on the side of the phone was the issue for me!! Learn something new everyday!

How To Fix The Sound On An iPad EASILY (Tutorial)

Woo Hoo! Have the same issue. No sound when I bought Yuda alert from App Store. Nothing helps. So my next step is for sure Samsung No more iPhone iPad stuff. Not too bad but expensive and non reliable. My iPad Air is ok.

But iPod 1 has no apps supporting this good device. Please help. My no sound w texts was resolved when I went to. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Turning off bluetooth does seem to be a quick fix to the problem. Scroll through your messages and look to the left side of each name. Go to edit to turn it off. Thank you!! We have been trying to fix this problem for miles and your answer solved the problem! Have an iPad purchased in May of I recently updated it and believe that somehow stopped all notification sounds.

I have tried each solution in every support site and nothing works. Very frustrating! My problem was not with my iphone, just my ipad. I just figured out what my problem was. I turned that on, and now I have sound when I get a text message. Not getting notifications when locked. Found that turning Bluetooth off is the only solution. All started with ios10 update. Nothing worked until I turned off Bluetooth and then the message tone started working again.. I was connected to my stereo receiver, with no music playing, but that must silence notifications.

Turning off bluetooth worked for me. Have no clue why. I also have an apple watch and when I turned of bluetooth on my phone, the apple symbol came on my phone for a while as if to say, why did you turn off bluetooth on the phone. But i left it turned off and the phone and watch worked fine inspire of the bluetooth turned off. Thanks so much! I use android for personal use, but my work provides a Iphone!!! Who knew they would offer ways to silence your phone!!!! My notifications being off means not working. Again, thank you. My exact same situation Amanda — Androids are so much easier to maneuver!!

This tutorial helped me so much and sounds like it helped you too! I turned off my blue tooth and turned back on and i started receiving text sounds. Thank you! I do now! Thanks for the heads up! This switch is hidden on my Otterbox case and I must have hit it when I removed the case to clean it..

Since I put the case back on I never would have discovered the cause had it not been for your much appreciated advice.

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My alerts are not coming through when my phone is in sleep mode. So, any other recommendations? Okay, I found one message that suggested turning off Bluetooth, which I just did and now the alerts are coming through. Any other suggestions? I also could no longer get a sound when I deceived an iMessage on my iPad Air2. Most of the comments referred to checking the mute button on the iPhone. I found the mute button on the iPad when I swiped up the Notification Center at the bottom of the screen and noticed one of the choices was a bell with a line through it. So I unmuted it and now I have sound alerts.

Oh my god. She must have been accidentally touching this mute button when she swipes.

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Turned off bluetooth. Now works. I had notifications turned on for my FitBit app.

Message sent sound sometimes disappears on iPad

Maybe that was why it would not sound? I get the sound notifications for my normal text messages but not for my iMessages and do not disturb s switched off. Hi, my iPhone 7 is still receiving text notification sounds, even when the mute tab is switched off on the side. In the settings app, go to Sounds, and then Text Tone. If the tone sounds now when selecting different ones, it should be working now. If not, keep going. Back up one screen in the Settings app to go to the sound menu.

Turn off "change with buttons" if it's on. Slide the volume slider just above that all the way down, and then back up to your normal ringer volume level. Turn back on "change with buttons. The sounds should be working now, check again by trying to select a text tone in Settings. If you can hear the tone now when selecting different text tones, select your regular tone and ask someone to text you to do the final test!

If these didn't work for you, leave us a comment with your specific situation, and we will help as best we can! This morning all alerts went silent except for phone calls. Followed all of your suggestions for fixing and still did not work. Read one of the comments about turning off Bluetooth and then audio alerts came back. Turned BT back on and still works.

I'm glad toggling the bluetooth on and off fixed the problem. I'm going to update the post to make this suggestion easier to find in the article text. Do you by chance connect your phone to a BT enabled car? We've definitely seen the BT sound connection stay connected even after turning off and leaving the car for some models. We wrote it up here in case you're interested. I did all reboots, checked all were on correctly multiple times..

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One of the outstanding problems is that there always no text sound on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus, which is denounced by many users. In this troubleshooting guide, we will tackle the iPhone 7 no text sound issue that you may experiencing right now. If you own an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus and facing the issue of iPhone tex sound not working, read on, try following methods to see if they can resolve your problem. Also Read: If you forget to turn it off, now, turn it off. Moreover, ensure that Do Not Disturb is not turned on for any particular contacts.

To check this, launch the Messages app where you can see your messages. If any message have any moon sign that is mean you enabled Do Not Disturb for that number.