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My office is pleased to provide this service to new homeowners in Palm Beach County. Homestead Exemption can provide significant property tax savings, and this interactive system will walk you through the qualifications and application process. Many other exemptions are also available through our office. At this time, we ask that qualified seniors, disabled veterans and other disabled persons visit us in person to file for those additional exemptions. In order to begin your filing process you will need to:. Email Address:. PIN case-sensitive:. New user? Get a PIN here. Forgot your PIN?

Portability allows Florida residents with a previous Homestead Exemption to transfer part of their "Save Our Homes" tax savings to their new residential property in Florida. If you qualify for Portability, we will automatically send you a Portability Transfer Form for you to complete and return.


Homestead Exemptions

Please use this online system to apply for Homestead Exemption. The Portability application will accompany your receipt once your homestead application has been approved. Home Forms All Forms. If your property is your permanent residence, or homestead, you may be eligible for a tax exemption. Several exemptions are available:. This exemption applies to all taxes, including school district taxes. This exemption is not applied to school district taxes. When qualifying for the Homestead Exemption, you will need the following documents for all property owners applying: Documents should reflect the address of your homesteaded property.

We will renew your homestead exemption annually as long as you continue to qualify for the exemption. After January 1 of each year, we will send you a homestead exemption receipt by mail to confirm the renewal. You must contact us if you no longer qualify for the exemption. This may occur because the property is being rented or is no longer your permanent residence, or there is a change in ownership due to a sale, marriage, divorce, death. Failure to notify us could result in a homestead tax lien with a substantial penalty and interest.

How to Accurately Fill Out the Homestead Exemption Application for Florida

A change in exemption status does not necessarily mean that your taxes will increase. You can apply for them with the county appraiser. Consider the following: This deduction can be applied to any property, not only your homestead. Veterans who were honorably discharged and have a total and permanent disability may qualify for total exemption from taxes on their homestead property. In some situations, a surviving spouse may also qualify. Veterans 65 or older may qualify for a discount on the assessed value of their property if they are partially or permanently disabled. Current or former members may also receive an exemption if they were deployed during the previous calendar year outside the U.

Your deduction will equal the amount of time you were outside the country. This benefit is available to members of the U. Check if you qualify for a senior citizen exemption.

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This exemption is available to those 65 or older who meet certain income requirements. You must apply by March 1st. To qualify, you must meet the following: One homeowner must be 65 years of age on January 1 for the year you claim the exemption. Learn about the second senior citizen exemption. Amendment 11 provides for a second exemption for seniors who have lived in their homes for a long time. The exemption is equal to the total assessed value of your home.

However, it is optional, and not all taxing authorities have adopted it. If your taxing authority has, then you will qualify if you meet the following criteria: You are age 65 or older. This amount will change each year. Am I eligible to apply for homestead on my house that I just purchase on Sept.

As of March 13, , no. You need one year of residency in your new home before you qualify. Yes No. Not Helpful 5 Helpful 8. Who do I contact here in Florida to change from a Florida resident to a resident of another state? Typically, you don't need to register as a resident unless you are looking for state benefits. Go to that state's office, pending on what benefits you are looking for, you will need to go to different offices.

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  5. Such as the DMV for a drivers license, social services, for state public benefits, etc. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 2. We bought a condo last year. We are selling it and buying another but it won't close until April. Can we still qualify or should we wait to move? Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0. Not if you don't move or make any changes to the ownership of the home i.

    Not Helpful 0 Helpful 2. Unanswered Questions. Answer this question Flag as Flag as I applied and was approved for homestead in FL. What do I do next?